You've been derisked

Quite a few good longs are hanging on with their fingernails, some even giving in to the long waiting time to get to the promised land, with TLD and a journal.

While understandable, not least those having been invested for years and years, we’re not the same place any longer, that we were before data lock.


And nothing can compare to that time anymore. We’re 16 months after data lock, in a selfimposed quiet period, where NWBO has been knowledgeable progressing on so many parameters, that it really makes no sense to discuss, whether the DCVax-L trial has been a success or not. It has, beyond any doubt.

No one gets to start a commercial vaccine production, not even for compassionate use, at a size and volume like this, and being promoted by Linda Powers in the latest news article from England, to grow even further.

Look at the batch of articles below ticking in from England, where NWBO will probably get DCVax-L approved first.

If you’re considering to divest, your timing is lousy at the worst. The stock market is tanking due to inflation and war in Ukraine. NWBO is currently a safe haven and by TLD, “profitable” will not be the word covering your situation and you will possibly be capable to reinvest in a market, that is trying to recover and reignite.

You have two opponents currently.

Time and FUD.

We don’t like to wait. We want TLD and that journal now. But we are not calling the shots and I still assume, that we are best left leaving that to management. Not least considering all the parameters NWBO has actually been progressing on during that period.

And then there’s FUD.

You all know my feelings on the paid bashers, working their con artist games on messageboards for $2 a piece. They do not bring anything of worth to the table, but many of you DO listen, or gets uncertain and then you start asking all the same questions once more to get reassurance anew.

Start reading the articles here and deep dive into the essentials.

In reality we’re past any talk about failure. Now its all about where DCVax-L will get approved first and getting information about, HOW much NWBO has been progressed, which we do not know off currently.

You’re sitting on a gold mine, so just hold, wait and stop getting frustrated whether we break $1 today or next week.