The Quiet Period

Do you know, what the essential part about a quiet period is?

You’re right. Keeping quiet!

In the stock trading business, it is basically a definition of when and why a company is to keep quiet about what.

Let’s look at a simple definition.

Quiet periods are mandated in conjunction with initial public offerings (IPOs), earnings seasons and other events that have significance for investors. The purpose of the quiet period is to ensure that no one with inside information can selectively disclose it to give particular investors an unfair advantage. Buying and selling securities based on non-public information, known as insider trading, is illegal.

Twice since data lock occurred, NWBO has stated, that they’re in a quiet period.

Since NWBO neither has any IPOs at hand, nor the 15 months since data lock can be considered an earnings season, we’re obviously dealing with a quiet period instigated by “other events that have significance for investors”.

Namely awaiting the release of Top Line Data and a journal publication to accompany and support the data.

The opposition to the bullish case of NWBO, have often tried to postulate, that NWBO remaining quiet is the equivalent of the DCVax-L phase III trial having failed. They have also tried to refute, NWBO even being in a self imposed quiet period, thus should be able to inform retailers more about progress.

Let’s document, that NWBO has twice stated, they are in a self-imposed quiet period.

Press release May 12th, 2021

The Company continues to be in a quiet period while this process is under way. The Company appreciates shareholders’ patience, and their understanding that the Company cannot make partial disclosures during this process and cannot comment on the Phase III trial schedule or its data until the announcement of the results. We remain committed to completing the full plan outlined on October 5, 2020.

Linda Powers speaking at Annual Shareholders Meeting May 18th, 2021

I’d like to be able to go into the details that we know everybody is craving, and understandably so, but we are in a quiet period now, while the data are being reviewed and analyzed. We’ve explained the process that we’re going through, it’s six stages of various analyses and reviews by various parties

Of course that should settle any dispute, that NWBO once and for all IS in a quiet period and therefore being under restrictions, as to what can be said and what can not.

One can argue if NWBO is perhaps going to extremes, as to restricting themselves more than even needed?

If so, NWBO management must believe there are good reasons for doing so and one of the reasons could well be founded in the history of harassments towards NWBO during the 14 year long trial, with numerous attempts to question NWBO management, the trial setup, the efficacy of the DCVax-L vaccine and even trying to instigate lawsuits by getting lawfirms to conduct "investigations" by insinuating potential breach of fiduciary claims has happened.

What is also known as “ambulance chasing”, an often used means by “the opposition” to try and counter a positive announcement by the company, to keep retailers sentiment at bay.

When all is said and done though, if you genuinely & honestly ask yourself the question; Has NWBO been as quiet and uninformative as the opposition/shorts insinuate?

We’re going to look that over in another article, where we try to scrutinize the timeline of events having occurred after data lock.

Great article @TheDanishDude - I agree wholeheartedly with your take here.

One part I want to emphasize is the truth/reality behind $NWBO being in the crosshairs of many. In my conversations with Dave Innes, NWBO investor relations VP, he has even mentioned that at one point earlier in the phase 3 trials history, NWBO had to take her an entire focus off of running the trial to dedicate her time on a frivolous lawsuit that distracted her for 2-years and finally when they got in front of the judge, it was laughed out of the court room & dismissed.

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