Presentation about Phase 3 trial of DCVax-L in New York


Linda M. Liau will be speaking at The New York Academy of Science’s Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy Conference re “Autologous Tumor Lysate-loaded Dendritic Cell Vaccination for Glioblastoma” and now it seems, that information is out, that she will be speaking about the DCVax-L Phase 3 trial.

We already know, that TLD and publication will be published before Dr. Marnix Bosch speaks at the ASCO conference June 4th. at a late Saturday time slot at the Industry Expert Theater.

And now it seems as if Linda Liau will be speaking about something, quite a few shorters and fudders would like us to believe is … about DCVax-L being a nothing burger May 10th. and thus setting the scene for 3 weeks of going downhill before NWBO use their last money on a booth the size of Pfizers on ASCO, while Dr. Marnix Bosch explains, how they were so wrong and that DCVax-L was not showing the efficacy that they would want us to believe.

You could also call that sarcasm, because still being traded below $1.40 at this point - knowing all to well, that we are about to experience the announcement of one of the greatest biotech sensations the last 30 years - is just unfathomable.

In the worst stock market crisis since 2008, one stock is litteraly offering its buyers what looks like a 1500-2000% profit and perhaps even within short.

While we in an ideal and non-corrupt trading world, would’ve experienced a stock price of between $3-5, we’re now at $1.40 still giving people the opportunity of a lifetime.

One month till June 4th.

If Linda Liau would like to be able to talk freely about the trial results next week, she will need TLD to have happened before.


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