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There is no doubt a lot of information, articles, posts, and great information out there relating to NWBOs history. It has been difficult to wrangle that information and put the pieces together. This post strives to maintain an index of that information for easy access and for building understanding of NWBO’s overarching strategy.

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Link Detailed Description
FDA Buy-in This walkdown of how we can infer the high likelihood of the FDA’s buy-in of the updated SAP for DCVax-L.
ASCO 2019 Presentation A link to NWBO’s presentation at ASCO 2019 where they shared the blinded interim data analysis.
DCVax-L Interim Data Press Release The press release shared by NWBO directly regarding their interim data report
DCVax-L Interim Data Publication The interim data analysis and publication written by Linda Liau and another 69 field experts.
Phacilitate DCVax-L Explanation by Linda Powers A great explanation provided by Linda Powers of the overarching concept of DCVax-L, presented at Phacilitate Immunotherapy World 2015. A lot of great information here.
ASCO 2018 Interim Data Presentation NWBO’s presentation at ASCO 2018 discussing the science and medical aspects of the DCVax-L phase 3 trial by Marnix Bosch
ASCO 2018 - DCVax-L Patient Testimonials As an investor this is one of the most powerful videos to watch. The individual testimonials directly from the patients about their experience being treated with DCVax-L. MUST Watch if you haven’t seen before.
P1 Clinical Trial for DCVax-Direct for Brain Metastases From Breast- or Lung Cancer US Clinical Trial entry for a Phase 1 study for DCVax-Direct for Brain Metastases From Breast- or Lung Cancer. Note: This trial is on hold, likely waiting for the company to establish regulatory authority approval of DCVax-L.
P1 Clinical Trial for DCVax-L and Keytruda US Clinical Trial entry for a Phase 1 study of the combination effectiveness of a PD-1 inhibitor (Keytruda) and ATL-DC (DCVax-L) run by UCLA. Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and a Vaccine ATL-DC (DCVax-L) for the Treatment of Surgically Accessible Recurrent Glioblastoma
Annual Shareholder Meeting 2020 Transcription Transcription courtesy of @IkeEsq of the 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting
Annual Shareholder Meeting 2019 Transcription Transcription courtesy of @IkeEsq of the 2019 Annual Shareholder Meeting
Annual Shareholder Meeting 2018 Transcription Transcription courtesy of @IkeEsq of the 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting
Annual Shareholder Meeting 2017 Transcription Transcription courtesy of @IkeEsq of the 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting
Linda Liau 2016 Interview with Poets&Quants Interesting interview with Linda Liau and her answering, What achievement are you most proud of in your professional career? Developing the first cellular vaccine (DCVax) for brain cancer.
NWBO US Patent Filings Index of all of Northwest Biotherapeutics US patent applications.
Carl Rago Scientific Thesis on DCVax A scientific paper created by PhD, Carlo Rago that captures the significance of DCVax for both scientific & investor communities.
BrainsTrust DCVax-L Document/Recap A patient-facing document that highlights DCVax-L immunotherapy treatment for GBM, higlighting that “DCVax®-L can be accessed privately on a very limited compassionate-use basis under the Specials regulation in the UK.”
NWBO PR for Sawston Facility Approval Press release issued by NWBO signifying the MHRA approval of their newly built Sawston facility, owned by NWBO and operated by Advent Biosciences. Important highlight of the facilities current capability of “The Company anticipates that Phase 1A alone will be able to manufacture DCVax-L products for 45-50 patients per month, or 450-500 patients per year”
Professor Keyoumar Ashkan on Spotify. “…my most interesting research project, an inmmune system vaccine. In the unblinded paper, a segmant of the patient population lived an unprecedented 7-8 years. Soon, we should have access to the unblinded data. We need a cure for the GBM
Dr. Vinay Puduvalli goes over recent trials for glioblastoma A slide summarizes trials for glioblastoma. DCVax-L looks to be very promising even when only comparing mOS, but we know interim data shows a long tail of survivors at 5 years.
Immunotherapies for GBM: Tumor Vaccines by Linda Liau Linda Liau talks about the benefit of immunotherapy and at 11:14 about the clinical trial design not capturing the long tail of year long survivors
Manufacturing dendritic cells by Shashi Murthy, inventor of Flaskworks Shashi Murthy, PHD Professor of Chemical Engineering & Sherman Center Director at Northeastern University, explores the role played by dendritic cells in cell therapy and immunotherapy, as well as the challenges in manufacturing them.
External Control Arms in Oncology: Current Use and Future Directions Article authored and co-authored by 12 FDA affiliated persons. As close to a “buy in” to external controls arm in trial design, as one can get from FDA.
UCLA builds on history of success developing novel immunotherapies to treat cancer Immunotherapy effectively has given a fourth pillar of cancer therapy besides surgery, radiation therapy and chemical therapy,’ said UCLA Health’s Dr. Antoni Ribas
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