Motivational Speech - WAIT goddammit!

We few, we happy few!

I am not to be considered “long” in NWBO by any scale. I invested just before data lock and as such, I was not a part of the rollercoaster ride down, the years of harassing in article hitpieces, the fraudulent instigated lawsuits that followed or the voluntary step down to the OTC.

All considered, many who bear a grudge towards NWBO and Linda Powers has reasons. Buying high, being diluted, seeing SP go down and perhaps not being succesfull in averaging down,

This “play” will have its winners and loosers.

I have dug out the information to “fill in my blanks” of NWBO history and it is my opinion, that Linda Powers is the meanest son of a b_____ that has been put in that CEO chair.

She is also the reason, why NWBO is breathing.

Why NWBO reached data lock.

Why NWBO has progressed on so many parameters the last 16 months after data lock in a self imposed quiet period.

Why NWBO succeed.

Why those having had the patience to wait will succeed.

I won’t be retelling you the positives. I am writing for a website called “Know What You Hold” and if you have followed the time line article, you have frequently been updated with a pile of good news, that points unequivocally towards trial success.

All the certifications, patents, manufactoring build-outs, Flaskworks apparatus and comparability studies and combo trial breadcrumbs aside, we are awaiting TLD and a journal. And having done that for 16 months, is no small feat. Not least, when being challenged daily with fear, uncertainty and doubt. People who challenges the progress and always chime in with negative perspectives.

Every board needs to have a nuanced and critical look at things happening and as such, NWBO have had use of a fair share of critics. When objective criticism though turns to unreasonable bashing, even of the paid kind, that is usually, when one ought to be most confident in ones investment.

Thats where we are currently.

Sadly it also seems we’re also at at point, where even the greatest benefactors of due diligence for the collectives common good are getting pressed and stressed and starts looking elsewhere for placing ones capital.

A sad development indeed and I can only sympathize with those having the feeling “when t__ f___ do they release TLD and journal”?

Don’t be fooled by my constantly positive perspectives and promoting NWBO.

As sure I am on where we are heading, I am sick and tired to the bones of waiting.

Remember Jesse Livermore? He, the Boy Plunger, made and lost several millions in his lifetime. Sitting tight is one rule that he never underestimated. When he followed it, he made fortunes; when he didn’t he lost everything. In the end, it got to him.

After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: it never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It was always my sitting. Got that? My sitting tight!

  • Jessie Livermore

We are not finding ourselves in special circumstances. Awaiting TLD due to a journal is special. The history of NWBO is special. The forces wanting NWBO to fail are special. But the waiting is as old as the stock market.

You want to get rich, but there are no easy ways to become it.

NWBO is in total control of the narrative about to play out and its my belief that it is for the better of investors and you just have to suck it up till they finally “let it rip”.

Could be today, next week or next month.

I can’t lie to you about your chances.

They are huge.