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The last week has been one of dismay, following a huge increase in the attempts to somehow spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, following the many exposures in british medias of NWBO, now being able and ready to produce the worlds first cancer vaccine at Sawston.

The continuous delay of TLD and a publication in a scientific journal to support data, is causing investors huge distress. Understandably so. No one can look past, that it is tiresome beyond words, to continue - month after month - to be kicking the can down the road once more, in wait for some proof, that NWBO is on the right track.

But abandoning reason as a mean to cope with ones frustration, or just lacking patience, is an entirely different ballgame, which is sadly what has caused a huge toll on the sentiment gauge the last week, and even continuing this weekend on stock message boards.

The development of Sawston being ready and able, information confirming comparability studies of producing DCVax-L the new “Flaskworks way” will soon finish, a patent for Flaskworks apparatus will be granted within short and the FDA almost having certified the use of external control arms in clinical trials and Linda Liau having not only confirmed the combo trial with Keytruda, but also stated the impressive efficacy of DCVax-L in different combo setup.

Confidence inciting if anything.

But alas, the publication of the 10K was used expertly by shorters, fudders and their ilk - I like that term, because it is so saying - to yet once again sow doubt among the ranks of investors, not least the most doubtful of “what they hold”.

The 10K didn’t contain anything new but info of a sub-lease for 1/6 of the size of Sawstons 88.000 square feet of room, for Advent to be able to produce and manufacture for another client.

Advent has been build up to now employ 40 people, with state of the art equipment and they stand ready to begin manufactoring DCVax-L. With the new Flaskworks method, NWBO will be able to produce at least 50.000 doses of DCvax-L a year at the Sawston premise, when the rest of the property has been built out. 1/5 of all glioblastoma incidents yearly globally.

Safe to say that “that’ll do”, for quite some time. The valuation for 50.000 multiplied by £200.000 a year. Yeah you can do the math. It won’t exactly be less of what we’ve been predicting in an earlier article.

Yet the fudders - and their ilk - are now once again trying to make that lease and the question of ownership of Advent, a huge problem. Obviously one, that should make you forget, what NWBO is trying to - and already HAVE accomplished - in terms of progress before we see TLD and publication.

Why I’m telling you, that that is comparable to abandoning reason.

Advent is not a part of NWBO, because NWBO has been setup to be bough out. Advents 40 employees can not be promised work as a CDMO, should NWBO be bought out by Merck.

Who will setup manufactoring, hiring 40 people, mostly specialists, just to be ready to sacrifice their jobs at the alter of a buy out, shortly after approval?

NOT NWBO it surely seems.

That’s why the 1/6 lease of Sawston is also a part of securing Advent and their employees going forward, SHOULD NWBO be bought out. SHOULD Merck - as an example - want to do the manufactoring by themselves.

Welcome to a new trading week.

You’re allowed to be distressed. As am I.

I would recommend though, keeping your calm and being reasonable.


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