About the Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO) category

Hi there, right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Ugh, another stock message board. We already have IHUB, StockTwits, Yahoo, Reddit, and so on so forth…”

…but let us pause you on that thought right there. This site is different and let us tell you why. Our key differentiators stem from the following

  • Community: Our intention is to bring the best of the stock investment community together all under one roof. Focus of efforts on a core set of hand selected stocks where there are reputable members contributing from both sides and can engage in respectful, meaningful dialogue driven by logic, research & incredible due diligence.

  • Single Source of Information: This is the key to our platform. We will strive to bring together all of those other information sources from across the interwebs, consolidated right within each category on our site. As I write this, we are working to bring a one-stop over view of all dialogues going on within the investment community. Phase 1 of our implementation schedule includes pulling in content from Twitter, StockTwits, News & Ticker information.

  • Modern Technology: Most of the investment platforms out there are built on legacy platforms or totally negate the modern advancements of web technology, including mobile device support. We will leverage modern solutions as our foundation and with the incredible skillset of our development team, innovate on top of the platform to bring features beyond anything that is out there today without totally reinventing the wheel.

We hope that you consider using KWYH as your single platform to drive your due diligence and communicate with those that are as passionate & intelligent as you!